Algebra I 2nd, 3rd, 4th Period 1/31/11 – 2/4/2011

Monday – Cognitive Tutor Lab
Scotland Yards – Revisiting Equations & Inequalities Learning Targets
1. Demonstrate how different sets of numbers are related □.
2. Solve equations that involve:
□ CLT, □ Distributive Property, □ VOBS, □ Complicated & □ Special situations.
3. Solve real-world problems by solving equations □.
4. Identify number properties □.
5. Use number properties to justify a step to simplify an expression or solve an equation □.
6. Model, solve and graph inequalities □.

Tuesday – Assessment Solving Equations & Inequalities (Targets #2, 3, 5, 6).
See Friday post for examples / practice problems/online resources.
Questions students can ask themselves to “walk through” basic equations:
• Do I have (parentheses)? Then distribute.
• Do I have “like terms” on the same side together? Then combine like terms (CLT).
• Do I have variables on both sides of equation / inequality? Move them to one side…good idea to get rid of the smaller term.
• 2-step Equation? Add or Subtract the constant (just the number); Multiply or Divide by the variables coefficient (# in front of variable).
Students not achieving at least 80% … Teacher Action – I will work with them individually in the lab on Thursday.
Wednesday – Complete work with Number Sets, Number Properties & Closure…see Student unit organizer.
Thursday – Cognitive Tutor Lab (individual instruction with students based Tuesday assessment)
Friday – Tuesday Assessment returned / Reassess & Quiz (formative assessment) on Targets #1, 4.

Looking Ahead…next unit “Down on the Farm” Relations & Functions


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