CP 1st & 5th Period 1/31/11 – 2/4/2011

Monday – Cognitive Tutor Lab
What Goes Up Must Come Down – Quadratics Unit Learning Targets
1. Recognize tables , graphs  and equations  of quadratic functions.
2. Identify the domain , range  , intercepts , maximum  and minimum  of a quadratic function.
3. Graph a parabola by hand using axis of symmetry, vertex, y-intercept & reflection point .
4. Predict how the changes of an equation will affect the graph of the equation.
5. Solve a quadratic equation using the Quadratic Formula .
6. Apply quadratic concepts to real-life problems (i.e. vertical motion formula).

Tuesday – Assessment Quadratics (Targets #6, #3, #2, #5) – Similar to Pumpkin Launch post from Friday.  Students not achieving at least 80% will work with me individually in the lab on Thursday.
Complete our ABC groups for the transformations grid-worksheets (Target #4) – return to our home groups, share examples, discuss as whole class. HW assignment (from board) due Wednesday.
Wednesday – Formative Assessment on Wednesday based on HW & immediate self-assess. (one on one in lab Thursday, if needed)
More application problems on variety of real-life situations – Target #6
Thursday – Cognitive Tutor Lab
Friday – What Goes Up Must Come Down – Summative Assessment


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