Friday Fun Problem 2/25/11

What will the product of the following series?

(x – a)(x – b)(x – c)(x – d)…(x – y)(x – z) = ?

And explain why, too!

Please comment with your answer!


Friday 2/25/11 – CP Algebra

Stamped HW from 2/24 over Scientific Notation with Products and Quotients.

Quiz Target #1 – Listing factor pairs.

Quiz Target #2 – Apply exponent properties to simplify algebraic expressions.

Watched Clips from Pay It Forward to introduce concept of Exponential Functions.

HW Find a real-life scenario that models exponential behavior.

Friday 2/25/11 – Algebra I

Formative Assessment
1 Determine if a relation is a function.
4 Evaluate a function for given value.

Created notes on 4 Function Families based on results of small investigation lesson on Thursday.

Linear Functions y = x, the x is just an x, example y = 3x – 2;  the graph will be a straight line.

Quadratic Functions y =- x^2, the x is squared, example y = 3x^2 +4; the graph will be a parabola or u-shaped graph.

Exponential Functions y = a^x, the x is the exponent or power, example y = 3.1^x; the graph will look like a “slide” or “ramp”.

Absolute Value Functions y = |x|, the x is inside the absolute value, example y = |x+2|; the graph will have a “v-shape”

Whole Class Assessment
Individual Student Assessment at the board – matching equation & graph to function family.

Thursday 2/24/11 CP Algebra

Target #2 – Apply exponent properties to simplify algebraic expressions.

Clearing up some misconceptions through students questions during class.

If you still have questions or you have been absent – I highly recommed a trip to this link and Exponent Lessons and THEN try some of their Exponent Practie at the bottom of the linked page.  GREAT practice / helpful resource!

Target #3 – Multiply and divide numbers in scientific notation.

Tuesday 2/22 & Wednesday 2/23 CP Algebra I

Tuesday I was out of the classroom attending the Kentucky Mathematics Leadership Network Training

Tuesday 2/22/11  Target #1 – Factor Pairs Assignment ( I promise this is not busy work, but a resource tool for students to use in upcoming lessons!)

Tuesday 2/22/11  Target #2  – Notes were given over the exponent properties for :Product Rule, Quotient Rule, Negative Exponents, Zero Exponent, Power of a Power, Power of a Product and Power of a Quotient – most students have already covered these topics in Cognitive Tutor Lessons.  Assignment wkst #1-38

Wednesday 2/23/11  Students were given the opportunity to self-assess their HW.  Notes and discussion was driven by student questions / misconceptions.  A few investigative questions were posed to enhance the understanding of the negative exponent and zero exponent rules using calculators. 

Assignment 2/23/11 to redo any missed or incomplete problems.  Mini Quiz on Thursday for Target #2.

For extra examples of the exponent properties go to

khan academy under blogroll

developmental math

look for links to the Exponent Properties 1 – 7