Friday – Algebra I

Friday Agenda
Mental Math / Factor Pairs
Quiz – Real Number Sets – I can classify and compare sets of real numbers.
“Down on the Farm” – Relations / Functions Unit Organizer (NEW UNIT!)

     Learning Targets:

  1. Determine if a relation is a function.
  2. Determine the domain and range of a function.
  3. Identify dependent and independent variables of a function.
  4. Evaluate a function for a given value.
  5. Identify multiple representations of functions. (equation, graph, table of values)
  6. Recognize different function families. (linear, quadratic, exponential, absolute value)
  7. Predict how changes in an equation will affect the graph of a function.

Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt Text Pages 159-167 (See Key Terms on Organizer or Text Key Terms)

Teacher – Individual Work – as needed with Equations Assessment Returned. Students receiving <80% are asked to rework any missed problems and return to me Monday during Lab.

Some students have not received their tests back yet – they will be meeting with me during Lab time or duringf Remediation last block at the beginning of next week.


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