Wednesday – CP Algebra

Discussion of Test over Quadratics.  I will meet with individual students in the Lab on Thursday.

Pre-Test and new Unit Organizer over “The Power of Exponents”

Learning Targets:

  1. List the factor pairs of a composite number. □
  2. Apply rules of exponents to simplify algebraic expressions:

Multiplication Properties □ Division Properties □ Negative Exponents □ Zero Exponents □  Power Rules □

  1. Multiply and divide numbers in scientific notation. □
  2. Solve problems involving radicals and rational exponents. □
  3. Recognize equations □ and graphs □ of exponential functions.
  4. Evaluate □ and graph □ exponential functions.
  5. Model real-life scenarios using exponential functions. □


Students may say they have been assigned to watch Pay It Forward as HW – a clip will be used in the introduction of this unit…


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