Tuesday 2/22 & Wednesday 2/23 Algebra I

Tuesday  – I was out of the classroom attending the Kentukcy Mathematics Leadership Network Training.

2/22/11  Targets 2 & 4  Blue TEXT pages 165-166 “Let’s Bowl”  In class.

Q#1 the ordered pair is (3, 10.50) which represents 3 games bowled, it will cost $10.50.  Yes the situation does represent a relation (any set of ordered pairs) since you can represent the games and cost as ordered pairs.

Q2 The relation is a function b/c for each number of games bowled, there can only be one cost.

Q3 f(x) = 2.25 + 2.75x

Q4 you multiply the number of games bowled by 2.75, then add 2.25, the cost of shoe rental

Q5 answers are 7   20

                              -5       -4

2/22/11           Targets 4 & 5 Family Values of Functions wkst.  Calculate Function Values for given domain;  Record results in Table of Values.

2/22/11          Target 5  Plot points from Function Values wkst to create graphs of the functions.



In class:  Checked & discussed pages 165-166; formative assessment showed many students were lacking on correct calculations involving absolute values…we did 3 examples, comparing the equations & resulting range values.



Assignment to go back over Tables of Values and make corrections as needed.  Redo / check corresponding graphs.

In class:  Target – To correctly enter a function into graphing calculator and see the resulting graph.

4 examples were demonstrated as “we do” problems:  Immediate formative assessment looking at student screens; correct any errors from invalid dimenstion to sytax errors. 

Thursday – Students will work in small groups to complete an investigation focused on Unit Learning Target #6.



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