Tuesday 2/22 & Wednesday 2/23 CP Algebra I

Tuesday I was out of the classroom attending the Kentucky Mathematics Leadership Network Training

Tuesday 2/22/11  Target #1 – Factor Pairs Assignment ( I promise this is not busy work, but a resource tool for students to use in upcoming lessons!)

Tuesday 2/22/11  Target #2  – Notes were given over the exponent properties for :Product Rule, Quotient Rule, Negative Exponents, Zero Exponent, Power of a Power, Power of a Product and Power of a Quotient – most students have already covered these topics in Cognitive Tutor Lessons.  Assignment wkst #1-38

Wednesday 2/23/11  Students were given the opportunity to self-assess their HW.  Notes and discussion was driven by student questions / misconceptions.  A few investigative questions were posed to enhance the understanding of the negative exponent and zero exponent rules using calculators. 

Assignment 2/23/11 to redo any missed or incomplete problems.  Mini Quiz on Thursday for Target #2.

For extra examples of the exponent properties go to

khan academy under blogroll

developmental math

look for links to the Exponent Properties 1 – 7



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