Friday 2/25/11 – Algebra I

Formative Assessment
1 Determine if a relation is a function.
4 Evaluate a function for given value.

Created notes on 4 Function Families based on results of small investigation lesson on Thursday.

Linear Functions y = x, the x is just an x, example y = 3x – 2;  the graph will be a straight line.

Quadratic Functions y =- x^2, the x is squared, example y = 3x^2 +4; the graph will be a parabola or u-shaped graph.

Exponential Functions y = a^x, the x is the exponent or power, example y = 3.1^x; the graph will look like a “slide” or “ramp”.

Absolute Value Functions y = |x|, the x is inside the absolute value, example y = |x+2|; the graph will have a “v-shape”

Whole Class Assessment
Individual Student Assessment at the board – matching equation & graph to function family.


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