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Optional Assignments! Impressive!

Several students took advantage of completing optional assignments:  Math Everywhere in My Town & Super Size It!  I am very impressed with the time and effort students have given to these projects.  I’ll have pictures / videos posted soon of a few of their presentations!  Great job!

March 28 – April 1 CP Algebra

Monday 3/28/11 Cognitive Tutor Lab

Tuesday 3/29/11 Multiplying Polynomials

I can multiply a monomial by a polynomial using area model or distributive property.
I can muliply binomials using double-distribute or FOIL method.
Skills Practice 649-652 odds
Target #1 & #2 Quiz
 I can classify a polynomial by degree & number of terms.
I can write a polynomial in descending powers for Standard Form.


Wednesday 3/30/11 Factoring Polynomials.

I can factor using GCF Monomial.
I can factor quadratic trinomials of the form x^2=bx+c.
Skills Practice 653+ #1-32
Target #4 Quiz
 I can add, subtract and multiply polynomials.


Thursday 3/31/11 Cognitive Tutor Lab

Optional Projects are Due!!!

Friday 4/1/11

Target #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Summative Assessment
More Factoring with Coefficient >1.  In Class work only.


March 28 – April 1 Algebra I

Monday 3/28/11 Cognitive Tutor Lab (received lab grades 3/14 – 3/24)

Tuesday 3/29/11

I can determine if a table of values represents a linear relationship.
I can classify the 3 types of slope shown on a graph of a line.
I can calculate slope * as a unit rate and from a graph.
#6-9 board problems – tell if its linear or not using rates of change.
Skills Practice 405 – Vocabulary
Skills Practice 405-409 all

Wednesday 3/20/11

I can calculate slope using 2 given points.
I can write an equation of a line from a graph, using slope & y-intercept.
I can transform a standard form equation into a slope-intercept form.
Ax + By = C into y = mx + b
Skills Practice 412, 415

Thursday 3/31/11 Cognitive Tutor Lab

Friday 4/1/11  Mid-Unit Assessment Targets 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7

I can graph a line from an equation in slope itnercept form.
I can graph a line from an equation in standard form.
I can write an equation of a line given slope and 1 point.
Skills Practice 413-414, 417-418


March 21 – March 25 CP Algebra

Monday 3/21/11 Cognitive Tutor Lab

Tuesday 3/22/11

Polynomials & Polynomial Functions / Operations with Polynomials

I can classify a polynomial by its degree & number of terms.
I can write a polynomial in standard form using descending powers.
Skills Practice 637 – vocabulary
Skills Practice 638-640 odds
I can add and subtract polynomials by combining like terms.
Skills Practice 646-647 odds

Wednesday 3/23/11

Operations with Polynomials – continued

I can multiply polynomials.
Skills Practice 646-647 all

Thursday 3/24/11 Cognitive Tutor Lab

Friday 3/25/11 

 Numb3rs video…rapid spread of a toxin.

March 21 – March 25 Algebra I

Monday – 3/21 Computer Lab – Cognitive Tutor

Tuesday – 3/22 Multiple Representations of Linear Functions

I can write a linear equation to model a situation.
I can complete a table of values for a linear function.
I can graph points from a linear function.
I can decide whether a graph represents a linear function, linear equation or both.  

Assignment:  Skills Practice page 395 – 400 #1-28

Wednesday 3/23  X-Intercepts & Y-intercepts

I can identify the x-intercepts and y-intercepts from a graph.
I can determine the x-intercepts & y-intercepts algebraically.
I can interpret the x-intercept & y-intercept of a real-world situation.
Assignment:  Skills Practice 402-404 ALL

Thursday – 3/24 Computer Lab – Cognitive Tutor

Friday – Numb3rs video – correlated to linear functions.