Khan Academy Volunteers Needed!

I am interested in seeing how the Khan Academy details and feedback are given on student reports and progress.  I am asking for volunteers to sign up and work on Khan Academy.

What do you need to do?

Go to – there is a link under blogroll.

Click practice – register for an account.

When you log in, you will scroll to very bottom of page and click add a coach, then type in to be registered in my coaching group.

You will earn badges and energy points as you grow in your achievement.

It begins at a basic addition and works up through more difficult conepts.  Currently, I think there are 100 self-paced exercises.  Under each exercise, if you are not sure how to do a skill, you may choose to watch a video or request a hint.  When you have at least 10 problems completed correctly, it will award you a proficiency badge and you can move on to the next exercise.

This is a new experience for me, so I will be learning along with you.

Thanks in advance to anyone who chooses to take this challenge!

I will have access to seeing your progress, time on task, time watching videos, etc.

If you volunteer to do this on your own time – I will assign credit to you in your grades.  This will not be bonus points or extra credit – but extra grades that will benefit you, depending on your achievement.  It will in no way harm your average.


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