Monday 3/7/11 & Tuesday 3/8/11 Algebra I

Monday 3/7/11  – Students worked on Cognitive Tutor in the Lab.

Tuesday 3/8/11  – Students wrapped up their JIGSAW investigation with Function Transformations (Target #7) and participated in modeling the graphs through “Algebra-cise” to help them better visualize the movement of the graph based on the changes in the equation.  See this past Friday’s post for a list of notes taken today in class.

Wednesday 3/9/11 – Students will have a quiz over Target #7  – Predict how changes in an equation will affect the graph of a function. 

Wednesday HW – create a practice test using each of the targets – due Friday.

Students may access several examples on previous blog post back through 2/4/11 to study for our assessment.

Thursday 3/10/11  – Cognitive Tutor Lab

Friday 3/11/11 – Test – Relations & Functions Targets #1 – 7

 Learning Targets:

  1. Determine if a relation is a function.
  2. Determine the domain and range of a function.
  3. Identify dependent and independent variables of a function.
  4. Evaluate a function for a given value.
  5. Identify multiple representations of functions. (equation, graph, table of values)
  6. Recognize different function families. (linear, quadratic, exponential, absolute value)
  7. Predict how changes in an equation will affect the graph of a function.

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