Algebra I – Wednesday, March 16

Its been a busy few days with the adjustment to our new schedule and extended time.

At the high school, we have chosen to create a new classtime with our extra minutes – calling it  Anchor Time.  The idea is to provide students with remediation on concepts they have not mastered.  When students have shown improvement in their Anchor class, they may be rotated to another teacher – either to receive more remediation or enchriment / challenge activities.  Please feel free to voice your ideas and concerns via email and I will pass suggestions along to our administration.  My experience, so far, has been very beneficial to my students.

Thursday – March 10 Cognitive Tutor Lab

Friday – March 11 Review for test, organize notebooks, more examples for domain / range of functions

Monday – March 14  Cognitive Tutor Lab

Tuesday – March 15 Data Collection – The Crow & the Pitcher (linear); Area of Rectangle (quadratic); Look Out Below (exponential) – we collected data as a class, each student recorded it, then created a scatterplot to see what type of correlation was modeled by the experiment; used information to make predictions.

Wednesday – March 16 Unit Test Relations & Functions 

Students were asked to submit their stamp/HW logs along with the following assignments:  function values, function graphs, family functions study poster, function transformations, pre-test and a test they created based on the learning targets.

HW – due Friday – a pre-test for Linear Functions unit


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