Optional Assignment #2

Title _____________             Name _______________

Student Chosen Due Date _____

Math Everywhere in Our Town

Must be completed no later than Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grade earned will be assigned to Summative Assessments as a test grade.

We want to see “real-life” Russell County in our math classroom.  Submit problems / everyday situations in a field of work which incorporates mathematical thinking and skills. The primary goal of Math Everywhere in Our Town is to provide students with an opportunity to see the need for mathematical problem solving throughout our community. 

To submit an example, please include the following:

1)     Choose a person to interview.  (Include their name, business name, date and place of interview and phone or email for contact if we have questions);

10 points (information)

2) 10 points (copy of interview notes & their signature or email confirming the interview)

3)    Description of the scenario including the specific department using the concept. (Outline a situation where number sense, mathematical reasoning, geometry/measurement or algebraic ideas are needed to solve a problem or model a situation in that line of work);

10 points

4)    Any relevant information needed to solve the problem (i.e. formulas, data, etc.);

10 points

5)    Problem with solution (explanation of math or work shown);

20 points

6)    Briefly explain why math plays an important role in solving this problem/area of work – what consequences could occur if mistakes are made in calculations, etc.

10 points

7)    Extra examples for student practice;

10 points

8)  Presentation (power point, poster, video, guest speaker, etc.)

20 points (neat, organized, informational, creative)

For questions or concerns, please email me: pam.wilson@russell.kyschools.us


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