March 28 – April 1 CP Algebra

Monday 3/28/11 Cognitive Tutor Lab

Tuesday 3/29/11 Multiplying Polynomials

I can multiply a monomial by a polynomial using area model or distributive property.
I can muliply binomials using double-distribute or FOIL method.
Skills Practice 649-652 odds
Target #1 & #2 Quiz
 I can classify a polynomial by degree & number of terms.
I can write a polynomial in descending powers for Standard Form.


Wednesday 3/30/11 Factoring Polynomials.

I can factor using GCF Monomial.
I can factor quadratic trinomials of the form x^2=bx+c.
Skills Practice 653+ #1-32
Target #4 Quiz
 I can add, subtract and multiply polynomials.


Thursday 3/31/11 Cognitive Tutor Lab

Optional Projects are Due!!!

Friday 4/1/11

Target #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Summative Assessment
More Factoring with Coefficient >1.  In Class work only.



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