CP Algebra Review for Final

I strongly suggest you print 2 pages per sheet!


Actual test will consist of 50 questions.  This will be a timed test!


two weeks to go

wow. its nearly the end of f another school year. Once again. i ponder if i`ve done enough. returning from spring break brought a whole new challenge with the extra class during anchor time. my first four weeks were spent in remedials work with students in efforts to close some of their learning gaps from this year. i feel like it was a success…the opportumity to work one on one in a small setting.

the next three weeks were spent collaborating with mrs. ackerman in aviation units for enrichment. the first crew launched parachutes after learning about the chocolate pilot. chocolate bunnies were awarded to students with the best flight time and safest flight of an egg. such an enjoyable week.

our following group spent time building kites…sadly the weather was typical april showers all week. the kids still enjoyed running their kites down the halls!

our final aviation week was cut short. students built planes from kits then modified them to get longer flight times. quite interesting what they came up with during only two days of work.

this week we have administered the practice plan test for the third time this year.

we will wrap up our final units of study this week and begin review for our finals/nd of courses tests. my only hope is that i have taught them a small something in algebra, encouraged them to work harder, but more importantly to reach out to others and make a difference in the life of someone else…