Properties / Reasoning with Real Numbers

Properties – Paper Fight!  to review for our Quiz on Tuesday 8/30/11

You may use online resources like study stack to help study.

Properties Practice Quiz 

Or refer back to previous in-class resources like page 11 in our book.

Tuesday – more Reasoning with Reals – Assignment page 25.


Function Values

Suggested Domain: {-2, -1, 0, 1, 2} for most functions.

#7 use Domain: {-5, -4, -3, -2, -1}

#13 & #14 – a few of your domain values may result in non-real values.  We’ll talk more about this throughout the week.

PLAN Practice & Freshman Presentation


Friday, August 26th is a big day for Freshmen at RCHS! 

Our day will begin with our first round of the PLAN practice test.  As a 9th grader, RCHS students are given 3 opportunities to take a practice PLAN test.  The rationale for administering the practice PLAN is to emulate the test setting for students.  Often, we find students struggle when given a timed-test.  This allows them the opportunity to “feel” the time pressure.  Students are able to see the content assessed on the PLAN.  The official PLAN test is given shortly after they begin their 10th grade year.  Reports will be sent home when data has been compiled and analyzed. 

Following lunch, 9th graders will attend a presentation at the ANC given by our Principal, Mr. Darren Gossage.  They will have a chance to ask questions, voice conerns they may have as a new student at RCHS.  But more importantly, we want to make them aware of the opportunities available to help them get started on the right foot.  Following the presentation, students who commit to graduating with the class of 2015 – can place their hand-print & signature on their Class of 2015 Banner.

A group picture will be taken and be available for purchase at a later date.  Students are encouraged to dress in their Laker Wear!  Red, white & navy!  Go Big Blue!

To end the school day – 9th graders will attend their 1st PEP Rally as a Mighty Laker! 

 Join us Friday night for our first home football game!  Its gonna be a good, good year!

School Dance following football game until 12-midnight in RCHS Cafeteria.  Cost $5.


Properties & Operations

Monday 8/22/11 Practice – Evens page 11 / Tuesday 8/23/11 Practice Odds page 11

More help with Properties;

Glossary of Properties from the Math Forum

Students also have a basic list of the properites on page 10 of their resource book.

Closure is a concept that is sometimes hard for 9th graders to grasp.  I like this explanation of the giraffe cage at the zoo…Ask Dr. Math for examples of closure.

Example for Closure we used from Questions 30-33.

T is the set of odd whole numbers.  So I ask students to list some of the numbers in this set…

T = {1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13…}

We check for closure under Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division.
1 + 3 = 4  Is 4 in the set T? no, so T is not closed under Addition.

11 – 5 = 6  Is 6 in the set T?  no, so T is not closued under Subtraction

3 * 13 = 39 Is 39 in the set T? yes
5 * 11 = 55 Is 55 in the set T? yes
All students multiplied an odd * odd and ALL students got a result that was odd!
 So… T is closed under multiplication.
9 / 3 = 3 works, but if we can find at least one CounterExample
13 / 5 =  2.6, since 2.6 is not an odd whole number, T is not closed under Division.

Arithmetic Series

Use the link for extra examples, on Arithmetic Sequences 11.1, Arithmetic Series 11.2 and Geometric Sequences 11.3.

Class Notes 8/22/11 (Click on each slide to see a flip chart page)

There are more sections if you would like to explore Recursion, Special Sequences, Binomial Theorem and Proofs.  However, for Algebra I we are only focused on the three listed above.

Self-Check Quizzes

Use the linked quizzes to practice the skills we’ve presented in class.

11.1 Arithmetic Sequences #1-4
11.2 Arithmetic Series #1-5
11.3 Geometric Sequences #1-5