First Day 2011-2012

In Class – Getting to Know You activity.  9 Questions
1. If math were food, what would it be?
2. Would you eat it? Why/Why not?
3. If math were weather, how would you describe it?
4. Finish the sentence:One time in math class…
5. Who is the BEST teacher you’ve ever had andwhat made them such a great teacher?
6. Name 3 characteristics of an effective teacher.
7.   Where do you see yourself rated at the end of the school year?
4 I can go beyond what you teach!
3 I’ve got it!
2 I’m almost there!
1 I might need a little more help to get there…
0 is not an option
8. What’s your dream in life?
9. In 20 years, what will I remember about you?
HW  Who Am I?
Writer of 2 published novels
Song writer
Taught at West Point 6 years
Was a Rhodes Scholar – twice
IQ = 160
WCYDWT?  What could you do with this? 
Object:  Paper Plate
List what math things I could do with a paper plate…

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