Honors Algebra I August 15-19

Monday 8/15/11

Practice with CPS Remotes
Entered responses from Algebra I Course Pre-Test
Averages were around 35% – but don’t give up – we’ve got a place to begin!
Tuesday 8/16/11
Substitute gave examples / notes based on Lesson 1.4 Arithmetic a& Geometric Sequences of the blue workbook.  Assignment was #1-32.
For extra help, see Cool Math Sequences Lessons 1, 2, 5, 7
Wednesday 8/17/11
Spent much of the class answering student questions from previous days assignment.  Clarifying confusing parts.
More Practicewith Arithmetic Sequences.
WCYDWT?  Bouncy Ball
Students brainstormed: volume, circumference, diameter, measure how high it rebounds, measure the time it takes to bounce, count the number of bounces…
Students were asked to think about the bouncy ball more – specifically,
  1. How is the drop height related to the rebound height?
  2. How is the drop height related to the number of bounces?
  3. Does the ball really quit bouncing? 
  4. Look up Zeno’s Paradox.
  • Create your own arithmetic sequence and model it with an equation.
  • Create your own geometric sequence and model it with an equation.
  • Find other mathematical sequences.
  • Find a really famous sequence!

Thursday 8/18/11

  • I can determine if a sequence is arithmetic or geometric.
  • I can find the common difference, d, or ratio, r.
  • I can extend the sequence.
  • I can model the sequence with an equation.
  • I can find the nth term of a sequence.

Students were asked to self-assess on the target (practice) quiz.

3 – No help, no questions…I’ve got it!!!
2 – Looked at my notes, asked a question – I’ve almost got it!!
1 – I need a little more help.
Discussion of fun quizzes – focus on Fibonacci!
Fibonaccigoldenratio worksheet- Connecting Fibonacci to Golden Ratio!  Find human ratios…anything interesting?

Friday 8/18/11


– Airthmetic / Geometric Sequences

Targets from Thursday quiz + I can use/apply sequences to model real life scenarios.


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