Function Families

Wrap up of our Function Family Small Group Investigation.  Students were able to determine which graphs were related to which equations.  In class today, we gave them “Official Math Names.”

With a bit of technical difficulty this morning – we muddled through our function family sort.  Overall this quick assessment helped me realize a few students were getting radical & rational function graphs mixed up; as well as the quadratic & exponential equations – be careful – they both have exponents – Quadratics have an exponent of 2 & exponential have an exponent of x!

9/1/11 Create a study tool based on findings from the Function Families Investigation.

Target #9 Quiz I can recognize function famiy from a graph and equation. 

Give an example each function family as an equation & graph.

Target # 4 I can model situations using functio nnotation / equation, graph & table of values.

Practice Assignment Writing a Function Rule functionspractice pages 126 – 129.  Due Friday. 

In Class Practice page 117 for linear patterns.


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