Oct. 31 – Nov. 4 2011

Skills Practice Packet Linear Functions pages 75 – 80
Skills Practice Packet Linear Functions 81 – 83
Monday 10/31/11 Lab

Student choice of online resource – depending on area of need;  linear functions – current unit; polynomials; systems of equations;  Met with individual students to clear misconceptions/mistakes on solving equations;  some students submitted for retake on assessment.

Tuesday 11/1/11 Review / Questions from The Crow & the Pitcher Data Collection
Slope / Rate of Change
Wednesday 11/2/11 Target Quiz T1 & T2 calculate slope; given slope-find two points.  Standard Form – to model scenarios.
Thursday 11/3/11 Intercepts / Students samples & discussion of how to interpret intercetps. 
Rachel’s Challenge presentation at ANC
Identify intercepts from equation and graph.  Assignment:  skills practice page 79 see above packet
Friday 11/4/11 Check HW / Questions; Target Quiz T12
Revisit Pre-Assessment – identifying targets with + or – on Organizer depending on student self/pre-assessment.




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