Monday 12/5/11 Systems of Equations

Systems of Equations Practice packet

Many strategies can be used to solve a system of equations.  The link above includes skills practice pages, you will find a key at the end of the packet.

Tentative Schedule :

11/29 Graphing page 84                                          (Quiz 12/6)
12/1 Elimination (+ and -) page 85                     (Quiz 12/6)
12/5, 12/6 More Elimination (*) page 86         (Quiz 12/7)
12/7 Substitution page 87                                     (Quiz 12/8)
12/8 Application Problems page 88                 (Quiz 12/12)
12/9 PLAN practice test
12/12 Graphing Systems of Linear Inequalities page 89  (Quiz 12/13)
Unit assessment 12/14
Cool Math Systems of Equations, Solving 2 x 2’s (Lesson 3 is on Elimination; page 1 is simple, page 2-3 is more elimination).
Optional: Determinants and Cramer’s Rule to Solve 2 x 2’s
Math Is Fun Systems
You may find videos on Khan Academy, Brightstorm or other online resources.

Linear Functions Resources

linearfunctionsresources packet

Use the above link to a file of reources/practice problems. 

Slope pages 139-140
Slope-Intercept page 147-148 (graphing T12 page 148 of Khan Practice)
Point Slope pages 151-152
Standard Form 155-156
Parallel & Perpendicular (T17) pages 159-160
Combined functions / values T8-T9 Khan Academy – Functions 3
How to find Inverses Cool Math Inverses
ONline examples at CoolMath for Lines you can use their examples and/or Lines Practice (scroll to bottom of the link) to find practice problems.