Triangles INB 23



Geometry 8/29/12

Intro to Proofs – check / discuss practice (Quiz Thursday)

Practice with Angle relationships & using angle measurements.

Questions – discussion over ANY topic (Review) – Cumulative Assessment Friday.

School Map Assignment – complete all parts you can.  I will answer questins in class Thursday.

*Love this question – if you average your x’s & y’s to get the midpoint of a segement.  What if you average your x’s & y’s for a triangle:  Will that give you the “midpoint” or center of the triangle? 

My response – Let’s See…


Algebra 2 8/29/12

Vertical line test on a functions graph.   Practice / discuss.

Small Group Sort – / Matching – Function Names & Equations & Graphs – be able to recognize a function and know its name when you see its equation and tell what the graph should look like. 

Geometry – PLAN Flashbacks

Especially for Geometry Students who are scheduled for spring classes…

We are currently using this as our bellringers.  Each day students share answers / strategies to 4 problems focusing on a different content / concept each day.

Probability / Statistics (1-4)

Pre-algebra (5-8)

Linear Algebra (9-12)

More Algebra (13-16)

Geometry (17 – 20)

There may be some typos / questions.  If you are interested – see me for answer keys.




Algebra 2 8/24/12

Completed small groups – card match Functions & Real-Life situations.

Students are turning in their real-life videos/stories with graphs. 

Monday 8/27/12 Practice Written ACT #1

Tuesday 8/28/12 Suicide Prevention Awareness; Analyze Practice ACT scores.

Wednesday – vertical line test functions/relations

Thursday – table of values functions / relations

Friday – Composition of Functions

Geometry 8/24/12

Check / Discuss 3.3 & 3.4 Practice Problems

Practice Quiz #4 Equations of Lines (Parallel & Perpendicular) (Self check & place into Green/Yellow/Red folders).


INB page 19 – Segments, Midpoints, Distance (beginning of notes)

Monday – will complete notes & assign in-class practice.