Algebra 2 INB 13, 14, 15, 17

A quick review over our Function Family Names, Equations & Graphs as we returned from a long weekend.

INB 13 Relations & Functions

Vertical Line Test
Key Features of a Function from a Graph:
At the end of the graph…is it increasing ? decreasing?
Intercepts:  x – intercept, y – intercept – is there one, two, none or more?
Does the graph have a higest ponit or lowest point? (Maximum/Minimum)
Domain – set of possible x-values
Range – set of possible y-values
INB 15 Function Families 8/30/12
INB 14 9/4/12 Study Guide
Tuesday 9/5/12
Matching Quiz (Practice) Function Families
INB 17 9/5/12 Domain / Range (practice key features!)
9/5/12 HW Assignment pages 29 & 30 (handouts)

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