More Practice Sequences.

After our self-check quiz today, several students indicated they wanted more practice with the Algebraic Models for Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences.

Explicit Models require the first terms and common difference or ratio to define the sequence.

  1. I can identify arithmetic (repeated adding/subtracting) or geometric sequences (repeated multiplication/division).
  2. I can identify starting value and common difference/ratio.
  3. I can create an algebraic model for the sequence.  He should have these models listed on INB pages 12 and 13.  If not, he can find sample notes at Scroll Down the Class Blog to 8/28 and 8/30 posts for class notes on these models.
  4. I can find the nth term.

(No Recursive formulas on the quiz tomorrow like #1 and 2 of Problem Set #9)

Kuta Software has skills practice, see links below.

Arithmetic Sequence Practice  #1-14

Geometric Sequence Practice #1-10


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