Thursday 9/27/15

We looked at our benchmark scores and set December goals.  See me if you were absent to set your goal.

We visited 7 stations to graph predictions of what we thought the graphs of scoops vs water height might look like.

On your paper #1-7 and sketch your graphs.



Today, Monday 9/22/15 we worked in small groups to dip water, collect data.



Geometric Sequences Notes 8/31/15 INB 13

Homework for the week 8/31/15 to 9/4/15, click this link: Problem Sets #5 – 8

Do Now:  To begin class this week, we’ll be looking at non-linear visual patterns.

Visual Patterns 2 INB 11

For each VP  Describe the pattern.  Draw the next step.  Create a table for steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 and how many blocks needed to create the concrete model.  Either in words or using an algebraic equation, show how to find how many blocks are needed for Step 43.

visual patterns 2 inb 11

Geometric Sequences INB 13  

Copy the following notes…

geometric sequences inb 13

Factoring Polynomials

Lab Day

Algebra I

CIITS assessment site – to complete online assessment;  use log-in user name, password and Web Passcode from handout.

For notes read/copy each of the following:

Find EQ of line given point and slope.

Find EQ of line given two points.

Blue Book examples pages 70-71

Blue Book web codes:

ayp-0208 ~ review graphing
ayp-0215 ~ write equation from graph
ayp-0214 ~ write equation give slope & a point

Honors Algebra:

Geogebra – Exponentials