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By Marilyn Vos Savant
As children, my siblings and I often settled a disagreement with a game called “Evens and Odds.” In this game, one side is assigned “evens” and the other is assigned “odds.” Then, on the count of three, a representative of each side reveals a number of fingers from zero to five. If the sum of the two numbers is even, the “evens” win; if the sum is odd, the “odds” win. Is this method fair? Or do the “evens” have an advantage? -Andy G., Cedar Hill, Mo.

Isosceles Triangle Days

I shared a tweet from Mr. Honner  with my first period class this morning.  It basically started from a teacher looking at the date as an isosceles traingle day… 10/10/11 and 10/11/11.  Which one is more equilateral? 

Though they asked what would you use to determine this – perimeter, area, etc., my Algebra students were not as concerned with his question of which one was more equilateral but amused with the thought of a date being an “Isosceles Triangle Day.”  Which in turn led to the discussion of how many ITDs are in a calendar year.  Then a discussion of will 11-11-11 be Isosceles or Equilateral – hum, a review of the definition of Isosceles…as well as what side lengths can actually make a triangle…

Just a little fun discussion on our last day prior to Fall Break.