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Geogebra Inequality Worksheet

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Use the above link to a file of reources/practice problems. 

Slope pages 139-140
Slope-Intercept page 147-148 (graphing T12 page 148 of Khan Practice)
Point Slope pages 151-152
Standard Form 155-156
Parallel & Perpendicular (T17) pages 159-160
Combined functions / values T8-T9 Khan Academy – Functions 3
How to find Inverses Cool Math Inverses
ONline examples at CoolMath for Lines you can use their examples and/or Lines Practice (scroll to bottom of the link) to find practice problems.

11/16/11 Honors Algebra

Lots of students were attending e-Conference today with DECA.

After discussing questions from practice sheets 81 & 82 – Writing equations of lines given one-point & slope / given 2-points;  Specifically page 82  #8 and 11…

#8   (4, 8) (4, -2) When we graph these points – we have a vertical line; when we calculate slope, we have undefined slope – so how do we write an equation to represent this line?  What do you notice about the points?  The x’s are both 4.  Eq: x = 4

#11 (0, 2) (-4, 2)  When we graph these points – we have a horizontal line, when we calculate the slope, we have zero slope – so how do we write an equation to represent this line?  y = 0x + 2…OR we could simply look at the points, notice the y’s are both 2.  Eq.  y = 2

During class, we looked at writing equations for parallel & perpendicular lines.  See links for examples.

3 practice problems:





Also – HW!  Retake your Linear Pre-Test!

November 10, 2011

More work with LINES

Continue to practice translating between standard form and slope-intercept form.  Target/Practice Quiz today; 

HW ?: 

Item image

Toy Trucks

Truck A travels at a rate of 15 inches per second;  At 5 seconds, it is at 91 inches.
Truck B travels at a rate of 7 inches per second;  At 5 seconds, it is at 20 inches.
If the starting line is at 0 inches, determine where each truck started (ie in front of or behind the starting line and at what measurement).  Be able to explain your reasoning.

Looking ahead to Friday – writing equations of lines given slope & a point (refer back to geogebra activity).


Geogebra & Y=mx+b

Use problems from pages 81 & 82 for problem sets.

Go to Geogebra

Create a line by plottting information given (either point and another point using slope, or two points).

From the graph, determine the slope and y-intercept of your line and write an equation to model the line.

Wednesday, we will algebraically write the equation to verify if your equations are correct.  This will hopefully help you make connections between both the visual (graph) and algebraic (equation) models.

Oct. 31 – Nov. 4 2011

Skills Practice Packet Linear Functions pages 75 – 80
Skills Practice Packet Linear Functions 81 – 83
Monday 10/31/11 Lab

Student choice of online resource – depending on area of need;  linear functions – current unit; polynomials; systems of equations;  Met with individual students to clear misconceptions/mistakes on solving equations;  some students submitted for retake on assessment.

Tuesday 11/1/11 Review / Questions from The Crow & the Pitcher Data Collection
Slope / Rate of Change
Wednesday 11/2/11 Target Quiz T1 & T2 calculate slope; given slope-find two points.  Standard Form – to model scenarios.
Thursday 11/3/11 Intercepts / Students samples & discussion of how to interpret intercetps. 
Rachel’s Challenge presentation at ANC
Identify intercepts from equation and graph.  Assignment:  skills practice page 79 see above packet
Friday 11/4/11 Check HW / Questions; Target Quiz T12
Revisit Pre-Assessment – identifying targets with + or – on Organizer depending on student self/pre-assessment.