ACT Question of the Day

For my 9th graders asking for ACT resources – found this one for you!

Ran across this ACT Question of the Day from David Crockett High School in East Tennessee.

It presents 2 questions each day.  Once you access the question, you can right click and choose PLAY for a verbal/written explanation of the question.  It seems they also give test taking strategies – like elminating obvious wrong answers, computation/calculator hints.  IF there is an option for MORE solution, click to receive further information for similar types of problems.

Please sign their guestbook as a courtesy and let them know how grateful you are for this resource.


Afterschool Tutoring Begins…

Afterschool sessions begin Tuesday, September 20.  Students should meet in the library and plan for pick up at 3:45.

There will always be a math teacher on-site.

Remember you can also report to Room 148 before school Tuesday – Friday for any help/questions; make-ups.


PLAN Practice & Freshman Presentation


Friday, August 26th is a big day for Freshmen at RCHS! 

Our day will begin with our first round of the PLAN practice test.  As a 9th grader, RCHS students are given 3 opportunities to take a practice PLAN test.  The rationale for administering the practice PLAN is to emulate the test setting for students.  Often, we find students struggle when given a timed-test.  This allows them the opportunity to “feel” the time pressure.  Students are able to see the content assessed on the PLAN.  The official PLAN test is given shortly after they begin their 10th grade year.  Reports will be sent home when data has been compiled and analyzed. 

Following lunch, 9th graders will attend a presentation at the ANC given by our Principal, Mr. Darren Gossage.  They will have a chance to ask questions, voice conerns they may have as a new student at RCHS.  But more importantly, we want to make them aware of the opportunities available to help them get started on the right foot.  Following the presentation, students who commit to graduating with the class of 2015 – can place their hand-print & signature on their Class of 2015 Banner.

A group picture will be taken and be available for purchase at a later date.  Students are encouraged to dress in their Laker Wear!  Red, white & navy!  Go Big Blue!

To end the school day – 9th graders will attend their 1st PEP Rally as a Mighty Laker! 

 Join us Friday night for our first home football game!  Its gonna be a good, good year!

School Dance following football game until 12-midnight in RCHS Cafeteria.  Cost $5.


Change in Layout

Students and Parents!  I am attempting to create a page – for each class unit…look at the top right hand corner of the blog…

For example, anything pertaining to CP Algebra – I will post in their current unit “Mission Possible.”

Anything pertaining to Algebra I – I will post in their current unit “The Crow & the Pitcher.”

I am experimenting to try and find the most efficient / organized method to make our class blog more user friendly.  I will post unit organizers / class notes etc. on those pages.

Thank you for your patience and please continue to share feedback and suggestions to make this a better resource for you!

Optional Assignment #2

Title _____________             Name _______________

Student Chosen Due Date _____

Math Everywhere in Our Town

Must be completed no later than Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grade earned will be assigned to Summative Assessments as a test grade.

We want to see “real-life” Russell County in our math classroom.  Submit problems / everyday situations in a field of work which incorporates mathematical thinking and skills. The primary goal of Math Everywhere in Our Town is to provide students with an opportunity to see the need for mathematical problem solving throughout our community. 

To submit an example, please include the following:

1)     Choose a person to interview.  (Include their name, business name, date and place of interview and phone or email for contact if we have questions);

10 points (information)

2) 10 points (copy of interview notes & their signature or email confirming the interview)

3)    Description of the scenario including the specific department using the concept. (Outline a situation where number sense, mathematical reasoning, geometry/measurement or algebraic ideas are needed to solve a problem or model a situation in that line of work);

10 points

4)    Any relevant information needed to solve the problem (i.e. formulas, data, etc.);

10 points

5)    Problem with solution (explanation of math or work shown);

20 points

6)    Briefly explain why math plays an important role in solving this problem/area of work – what consequences could occur if mistakes are made in calculations, etc.

10 points

7)    Extra examples for student practice;

10 points

8)  Presentation (power point, poster, video, guest speaker, etc.)

20 points (neat, organized, informational, creative)

For questions or concerns, please email me: