Thursday 9/27/15

We looked at our benchmark scores and set December goals.  See me if you were absent to set your goal.

We visited 7 stations to graph predictions of what we thought the graphs of scoops vs water height might look like.

On your paper #1-7 and sketch your graphs.



Today, Monday 9/22/15 we worked in small groups to dip water, collect data.



Graphing Stories

We began our Functions Unit with this Pre-Activity.

Using 2 colored pencils – you will graph what you think the Graphing Story is, then check your graph and sketch the actual answer onto the same graph.

Here is the file for the graphs.GraphingStories

You can choose 8 videos from Graphing Stories Website to complete this task.

Think about something you would like to video on your own to create your own Graphing Story.

Algebra 2 9/18/12

Monday 9/17/12 Flashbacks for this week…I can solve absolute value equations.  Quiz Friday

Monday 9/17/12 INB page 23 – Summary of Explore Activity last Wednesday.  And INB page 22 assignment.


Tuesday 9/18/12 – Assessment over Relations/Functions – Students not achieving at least 85% will be required to retake AFTER they have completed a wrong answer analysis and practiced / proof of study.


Due Thursday – If you didn’t know what to do…pretend you do and do it.  Students are asked to look for clues in the 5 given problems and attempt to do them.  These are to be attempted before you walk in class on Thursday.
Thursday – Function Operations
I can add, subtract, multiply functions. 
I can create a new function by finding the composition of 2 given functions.
Friday – Flashbacks Quiz – Solving Absolute Value Equations
Friday – Wrong Answer Analysis on Tuesday’s (9/18) Assessment


Algebra 2 – Transforming Function Graphs 9/11/12

Skills Quiz Wednesday on Finding Inverses of Functions using Equations.

Flashbacks for this week: (Quiz Friday!)

Began investigation on transforming functions – How can changing part of the equation change the graph?

Students were assigned to a blue, red or yellow group. 

Work individually to record patterns/changes they see in the graphs.

Students may use an online graphing calculator to complete.  For radical type sqrt(x) and absolute value abs(x).

Pair & Share – to ensure correct patterns were recognized.

Within groups of 3 (blue, red & yellow) – compare and contrast the transformations – considering different function families.

Algebra 2

Our Friday ACT-Skills Quiz over Inequalities:


Pages 29 & 30 were checked / discussed in class – focus on Key Features of Functions & Defining the Domain & Range when given a graph.

Exit Quiz: