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Algebra 2 9/18/12

Monday 9/17/12 Flashbacks for this week…I can solve absolute value equations.  Quiz Friday

Monday 9/17/12 INB page 23 – Summary of Explore Activity last Wednesday.  And INB page 22 assignment.


Tuesday 9/18/12 – Assessment over Relations/Functions – Students not achieving at least 85% will be required to retake AFTER they have completed a wrong answer analysis and practiced / proof of study.


Due Thursday – If you didn’t know what to do…pretend you do and do it.  Students are asked to look for clues in the 5 given problems and attempt to do them.  These are to be attempted before you walk in class on Thursday.
Thursday – Function Operations
I can add, subtract, multiply functions. 
I can create a new function by finding the composition of 2 given functions.
Friday – Flashbacks Quiz – Solving Absolute Value Equations
Friday – Wrong Answer Analysis on Tuesday’s (9/18) Assessment


Algebra 2 – Transforming Function Graphs 9/11/12

Skills Quiz Wednesday on Finding Inverses of Functions using Equations.

Flashbacks for this week: (Quiz Friday!)

Began investigation on transforming functions – How can changing part of the equation change the graph?

Students were assigned to a blue, red or yellow group. 

Work individually to record patterns/changes they see in the graphs.

Students may use an online graphing calculator to complete.  For radical type sqrt(x) and absolute value abs(x).

Pair & Share – to ensure correct patterns were recognized.

Within groups of 3 (blue, red & yellow) – compare and contrast the transformations – considering different function families.