Several of the practice suggestions are from iXL – I just learned about this at a math leadership meeting this week as well as it was suggested by a couple of parents on Friday (THANK YOU!).  You may do up to 20 practice problems per day without having an iXL account.

When a problem is incorrect, it gives the correct answer AND an explanation/practice for you to “get it”.  I see this site a great benefit to use throughout a unit of study.

For most topics, I have linked to the Open Math Reference site which offers not only text but also interactive examples of each.


Classifying Triangles – Sides, Angles

Interior Angle Sum

Exterior Angles

iXL practice on the above go here  and see F1, F2, F3

Using Converse of Pythagorean Theorem to Classify Triangles  (Triangle Type Quiz

iXL practice see Q1, Q2, Q3

Triangle Inequality

Relationships sides / angle

Isosceles Triangles

Equilateral Triangles

Special Lines/Segments of Trianlges:

Midsegment of Triangle

Medians, Angle Bisectors, Altitudes, Perpendicular Bisectors

iXL practice on the above see M1, M2, M3

Triangle Centers

Triangle Congruence –  Triangles are congruent if you can slide them around, rotate them, and
flip them over in various ways but can “pile” on top of one another.

AAS – if 2 angles are known to be congruent in a triangles and a side OPPOSITE one of those angles is congruent.
HL – MUST know the triangle is a right triangle
SSA – the one that shall not be named…does not guarantee congruence!
AAA – does not guarantee congruence but does prove similarity,
iXL practice see K1, K2, K3, K4, K5

Geometry Target Quizzes & Midsegment Investigation

TQ1Classify INB 23

 TQ2ConversePT  (Classify Triangle Investigation…highlight acute, right, obtuse…)

TQ3ExteriorAngleSums INB 23

TQ4TriangleInequality INB 25 (straw activity)

Midsegment Investigation– completed by Wednesday – if you are not recognizing any patterns in the chart – please go back and check your slope & distance calculations!  Some silly mistakes  can cause all of your conclusions to be incorrect~!