NTI Day 8 & Alternate Activities

2/17/16 Day 8 Evaluate Linear Functions for Given Domain   Screencast example

Alternate Tasks for Day 8:

Find a friend(s) to play along. Complete each Polygraph listed as twice…as both the picker and questioner.  Please pay attention to the vocabulary and use it to model your understanding of the terms.

Day 8 Polygraph 1: Linear Systems desmos code: daq9 Parallel, Perpendicular, Neither: use vocabulary parallel, perpendicular & tell point of intersection, or just intersecting & tell point of intersection.

Day 8 Polygraph 2: Linear Systems desmos code: 2aum number of solutions, which quadrant or point of intersection, positive or negative slopes, etc in questions.


Non-Traditional Instructional Day Packets

Links to each days handouts.  OR visit this site for links to online options.  You choose paper or online.

Algebra I:

Wilson Algebra I Day 1

Wilson Algebra I Day 2

Wilson Algebra I Day 3

Wilson Algebra I Day 4

Wilson Algebra I Day 5

Wilson Algebra I Day 6

Wilson Algebra I Day 7

Wilson Algebra I Day 8

Wilson Algebra I Day 9

Wilson Algebra I Day 10

Function Families Class Notes

Tuesday, in small groups, students completed the following task after direct instruction on how to use the TI-84 graphing calculator to graph different types of functions.


function families 2

These are the graphs students used to sort in the activity above.

function families 3

Wednesday in class, we used a plenary discussion of students sorts and they summarized their noticings in a foldable for INB 21

functions famillies 4

function famillies5

Thursday there was a retrieval quiz over Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences and a pre-assessment for Functions to see where students stand in their understanding.

Friday – using function notation to generate tables of values for each function family, then graphing the ordered pairs to compare the shapes of the graphs and look for patterns within the tables of values.

Thursday 9/27/15

We looked at our benchmark scores and set December goals.  See me if you were absent to set your goal.

We visited 7 stations to graph predictions of what we thought the graphs of scoops vs water height might look like.

On your paper #1-7 and sketch your graphs.



Today, Monday 9/22/15 we worked in small groups to dip water, collect data.


Graphing Stories

We began our Functions Unit with this Pre-Activity.

Using 2 colored pencils – you will graph what you think the Graphing Story is, then check your graph and sketch the actual answer onto the same graph.

Here is the file for the graphs.GraphingStories

You can choose 8 videos from Graphing Stories Website to complete this task.

Think about something you would like to video on your own to create your own Graphing Story.

TI-84s & Problem Sets 11, 12, 13

In class, we were introduced to TI-84s – menus, keystrokes, homescreen calculattions.  Each day this week, we will intro another aspect of the graphing calculators for in class use.

Problem Sets 11, 12, 13 were passed out for this week’s assignments.

Functions and Sequences problem sets 11 12 13 Click to download if you were absent or misplaced your copy.

11 is due Tuesday.

12 is due Wednesday.

13 is due Thursday.