CP –

Stamped students practice test they created. 

UNIT TEST (Quadratics) next day in class.  Check 1/30/11 post for list of learning targets or see pink unit organizer.

Using the functions y = -16x^2 +30x+5 to determine how much more intial velocity Robin Hood needs to clear the 25 ft. wall.  How much will this cost him if he is charged $100 for every fps over 30 fps?

Algebra I –

Students returned their redo work from the previous test on equations and inequalities (I need these back ASAP!).

Pre-Test over Relations & Functions Unit (See 2/4/11 post for list of learning targets.)

Parent Resources for Algebra I –

 Cool Math under blogroll on the right of this page…

click the PURPLE Algebra Flag on the left side of the site;

Under the Algebra Help Lesson Topics, locate the following Units / Lessons for extra explanations, examples & help:

  • Functions / Lessons 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 (Learning Targets 1,2,4)
  • Exponentials & Logarithms / Lesson 7 (Learning Target 5, 6)
  • Advanced Graphing / Lesson 1, 2 (Learning Targets 5 , 6)




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